Thanks to everyone who came to our 2023 conference: 
Supporting the mental health of a vital asset: England’s NHS workers
An NHS CHECK conference on how to support the mental health of the NHS

Thank you to all our speakers. 

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We always strive to feedback our findings to those who have taken part as well as anyone that they may impact. We know that research papers can take a while to read, so we like to summarise our findings so that they are accessible to as many as possible. 

This webinar starts with an introduction from Prof Neil Greenberg, followed by insights from Dr. Danielle Lamb about our latest paper on Suicide and Self-harm rates amongst NHS workers that has recently been picked up by the media. Dr. Sharon Stevelink will then talk about Common Mental Health Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder prevalence rates.  Prof Neil Greenberg will finish up by giving an overview on moral injury and help to field questions.

A snapshot of the questions that will be answered, and topics discussed is below:

Should we believe statements in the media that there is a tsunami of mental ill health among healthcare workers in England?

Suicidal thoughts and behaviours in healthcare workers: what does the latest research tell us?

Discussing the frequency and possible causes of moral injury for healthcare staff – and what might help

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Dr Dannielle Lamb discussing suicide and self-harm
Prof Neil Greenberg discussing the concept of moral injury
Dr. Sharon Stevelink discussing rates of PTSD and Common Mental Disorders