We have compiled a list of common questions that we have been asked and their answers.

Some questions are very research focused, whilst others have been asked by the public and NHS workers. If there are any questions you would like us to answer please email us at [email protected].



Should organisations or the individual be responsible?

Betrayal. These are comments we are still hearing from staff. Not enough staff, equipment, beds etc feel they are being asked to do things that are not safe.

How are managers going to address this?

Modelling taking time out- whilst I agree it can be difficult to balance against policies that say staff are subject to sickness planning after 3 episodes of sick leave.

Any thoughts on addressing this?

Do you know what percentage of those who reported suicidal thoughts or attempts actually reported this to their line manager?

Are there any particular groups affected more than others?

What is the overlap between the group of HCWs reporting non-suicidal self-harm and suicide attempts?

Why do people still use screening tools? 

Screening tools are a set of questions that a person answers to help check for signs of a mental health disorder.  

What cut off would you recommend to screening instruments  so they are more accurately matched at clinical interviews?

With regards to overestimation when using screening tools, do you think the time lag may have influenced your findings? This maybe because NHS CHECK collected screening data during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, while clinical interview data were collected during a period of lower infection and mortality rates (without readministering the screening tools). This timing difference may have influenced the prevalence of mental health symptoms reported by healthcare workers

Does NHS Resolution also pay out to staff?

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