The Foundations App and improving mental health and well-being in healthcare workers

The Foundations app was created by Koa Health to support mental wellbeing by providing content to help users deal with topics like stress, insomnia, anxiety and more. This app was trialled among over 1,000 Health Care Workers. Click here to read the full paper

Investigating the psychosocial impact of the pandemic on healthcare workers

Protocol for a cohort study featured in the BMJ journal looking at the profound effects on the working lives of healthcare workers (HCWs), but the extent to which their well-being and mental health have been affected remains unclear.
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A challenge met, or a tsunami to come?

Mixed signals about the mental health of the NHS workforce. A Lancet Psychiatry article investigating the media headlines regarding the mental health of the NHS workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, who had predicted large scale problems ahead. Click here to read the full article

Mental health of healthcare workers in England during the pandemic

This paper examines the variations in impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of all types of healthcare workers (HCWs) in England over the first 17 months of the pandemic. Read the pre-print by clicking here

Most accurate prevalence of PTSD and common mental disorders in English healthcare workers

A two-phase epidemiological survey. Previous studies on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers’ (HCWs) mental health have relied on self-reported screening measures to estimate point prevalence. Here, we estimate the true prevalence of common mental disorders (CMDs) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among English HCWs using diagnostic interviews. Click here to read the pre-print

Moral injury and psychological wellbeing in UK healthcare staff

Potentially morally injurious events (PMIEs) can negatively impact mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic may have placed healthcare staff at risk of moral injury. The Aim: To examine the impact of PMIE on healthcare staff wellbeing. Click here to read the pre-print.


Suicidal thoughts and behaviour amongst healthcare workers in England during the Covid-19 pandemic: a repeated cross-sectional study.

Capturing the experiences of UK healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

A structural topic modelling analysis of 7,412 free-text survey responses. Healthcare workers (HCWs) have provided vital services during the COVID-19 pandemic, but existing research consists of quantitative surveys (lacking in depth or context) or qualitative interviews (with limited generalisability). Structural Topic Modelling (STM) of large-scale free-text survey data offers a way of capturing the perspectives of a wide range of HCWs in their own words about their experiences of the pandemic. Click here to read the pre-print

“It hurts your heart”

frontline healthcare worker experiences of moral injury during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moral injury is defined as the strong emotional and cognitive reactions following events which clash with someone’s moral code, values or expectations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, increased exposure to potentially morally injurious events (PMIEs) has placed healthcare workers (HCWs) at risk of moral injury. Yet little is known about the lived experience of cumulative PMIE exposure and how NHS staff respond to this. Click here to read the pre-print.

Effectiveness of the “Foundations” smartphone app in improving mental health & wellbeing

in a high-risk healthcare worker population during COVID-19 in the UK: a randomised controlled trial.